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All in Sardines

Uppdaterat: 12 mars 2019

Apart from diving in a volcanic lake with 39 degree water, swimming and diving with thousands and thousands of sardines was another Philippine’s memory of a lifetime.

During my Molchanovs instructor course I joined Adam Stern and his entourage to go diving at the famous sardine spot in the north of Panglao, just outside Almira resort.

Adam brought lots of gadgets, such as a 360 video camera made for space travels (or siliar), and his way too expensive underwater camera.

I was severely tired after the course with Alexey, and the Deep Week, and my first competition.. But we managed to get some nice photos and videos of us diving with these sardines. In order to get these shots, Adam swam around with his camera giving me orders to dive with short notice when the sunlight was wright and the sardines looked the most awesome. For me this meant quite a few exhale dives (to become more negative in shallow water) with no fins and very little breath up. However, the pictures came out amazing and was definitely worth the effort. At least that’s what my mum says.

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