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Swedish National Pool Competition

The last weekend in March the Swedish National Freediving Pool Competition took place in Uppsala, Fyrishov. We we approximately 40 divers competing during two days in the three pool disciplines: STA (Static), DYN (Dynamic with fins) and DNF (Dynamic without fins).

DYN - Dynamic with Bifins is now a recognized individual disciple within AIDA PC: Elin Larsgren

It was almost 50-50 men and women competing, starting with STA and DNF on Saturday. There were a lot of very strong static breath holders.

Static - all about finding your inner peace, and not think about holding your breath! PC: Elin Larsgren

The pool queen Nicole Edensbo managed a strong 5:48 min and Valdemar Karlsson at 7:29 min during the first discipline of the competition.

Nicole and Valdemar after their massive static achievements, Well done guys! PC: Elin Larsgren

After some rest it was time for DNF - no fins, aka the "lactic discipline". We we're diving in the 25 m section of the pool, which gives the divers more turns but also a nice streamlined push of the wall.

DNF - Dynamic No Fins PC: Elin Larsgren

The winners were the super strong Nicole Edensbo with 128 m and Hans Fogelberg with 154 m. There were quite a few red cards during this part of the competition, which is not so strange regarding that it's a really demanding disciple and also the second "max" of the day for the divers.

Athlete resting after the first discipline, and mentally preparing for the no-fins. PC: Elin Larsgren

During Sunday we completed the last discipline DYN - with mono-fin or bifins. This was the first Swedish Freediving Pool competition where Bifins was an individual discipline. Which meant at lot of "new" national records!

DYNB - Dynamic Bifins PC: Elin Larsgren

Nicole Edensbo managed an amazing 170 m with her monofin and Paula Johnsson got the new national record of 110 m bifins. Well done ladies! The Gentlemen Hans Fogelberg managed 218 m monofin and Mattias Göthberg 113 m Bifins.

All of the discipline and overall winners! PC: Elin Larsgren

The No-fins winners - 1st Nicole Edensbo, 2nd Emma Åkerren and 3rd Li Karlsén (founder of Freedive Nordic) PC: Elin Larsgren

The founder of Freedive Nordic Li Karlsen got a very unexpected bronze medal in DNF during her first pool competition! "The best thing with this competition has been all of the other divers, is such a nice thing to meet like minded apnea geeks! The medal was just a nice bonus!" - Li Karlsen

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