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What is Deep Week?

Uppdaterat: 12 mars 2019

How about combining your vacation with freediving in a magical place, training and doing courses with likeminded (nerds) like you and world champions?

A few times a year Deep Week is conducted in well-chosen diving paradises around the world, as a training camp for freedivers. It doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner, or if you’ve done some courses and training before. During Deep Week you will get the chance to do courses, train and develop with some of the best freedivers in the world.

Deep Week is led by Adam Stern (Australian multiple recordholder) with guests, such as Dean Chaouche (British recordholder), Michael Board (British recordholder), Alexey Molchanov (World champion and Russian recordholder), Jessea Lu (Chinese recordholder) and many more, who are conducting workshops and classes during the week

PC Alfred Minaar Photography

During 2019 Deep Week will take place twice in Bali, Amed, due to that the courses are filling up so fast, and also in Tonga in August. The spots are limited and are filled up quickly. You can book your spot here:

See you there!

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