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What should Freedivers eat?

Freedive Nordic did a webinar together with Molchanovs Movement called "Diving into Plant based Nutrition" in May 2020.

The Webinar was hosted by Li Karlsén, a Molchanovs Instructor and founder of Freedive nordic, and her brother Linus, certified nutritionist, founder of Plant based nordic and author of the E-book “Thrive”.

In the webinar (below) you will find out why plant based nutrition have so many benefits for freedivers and our specific training, but also in your everyday life.

When is the best time to eat? What can you eat to maximize your performance? Why carbs are awesome and how plant based nutrition can be regarded as a proactive protection against chronic diseases, and much more is discussed.

There's also some inspirational recipes and an introduction to how you can see meals as modules, either if you’re traveling for depth or staying at home doing your dry training.

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May 11, 2020

Riktigt bra presentation, vart i pyramiden hamnar croissanter?

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