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Double Pressure - Sabang International Freediving Competition

Uppdaterat: 12 mars 2019

I managed to get the last spot (!) in Sabang International Freediving Competition 2018 in Weh island, Indondesia. It's a very popular and well conducted competition, so it gets filled up quickly!

We were 40 divers competing during six days in November in the three depth disciplines CWT (Constant Weight), FIM (Free Immersion) and CNF (Constant Weight No Fins).

Sabang is the largest town on Weh island, referred to as "kilometer zero" as the most north western island of Indonesia's approximately 18 000 islands. It's a very small and volcanic island, with not much more to do than to dive!

It was my first freediving competition and I wanted to compete in order to learn how to compete. Although my Ego grew horns which gave me a gold medal for CNF beginners ;)

Men and Females competed on different days one discipline a day, giving us a resting day between each competition day. We started with CWT the first day, FIM on the third day and finished with CNF on the fifth day.

You could chose to dive the different disciplines, or just try to max out in one of them in order to get a NR (National Record) or similar. There were quite a few top athletes competing, with depths at 80-100 m in all disciplines.

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